4 reasons to plan a company event

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May 12, 2017
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4 reasons to plan a company event

A good way to reward your team

Leave your office aside for a few days and bring your team in a new location! Everybody loves discover new places so why don’t you plan to do it with your colleagues?

After several months of work, reward your team for the good job they have done. It is a good way to encourage motivation and show them gratitude. Think about activities they can’t do everyday and perhaps sensational or creative ones so they will never forget your seminar.


Improve your company culture

Every company has its own culture. You have built it over the years, thanks to values and beliefs you have instilled in your company, so this culture can be demonstrated during your company event.

Employees that feel comfortable and involved in a company, stay longer that others in an agency and are more engaging in the future strategy.


Team build

Company events are a great way to break down walls and barriers in the workplace. Indeed, far from the work environment people feel more comfortable to start discussion with colleagues they don’t work with everyday. Company events create opportunities also for staff to connect with bosses in a different manner where status is less present,  so interactions are easier.  It is important for leaders to connecting employees to one another. A united team that collaborates can create magic in a company.


Generate new ideas

Getting out of the office for few days and spending time on projects during an event could be a good way to get freshen up minds and ideas. Changing the work ambient can also help to reduce stress and boost morale. A new place, a new culture and new people can improve the creativity of your team. So, if you are working on difficult tasks or projects, the company event can recharge your team’s spirit and provide the inspiration and distance they need to concretise the project.



Why not plan your company event abroad?

Opt for a change of scenery! Immerse your team in a new culture of a country, discover new things together and learn about each other in a different way. Moreover, organising your company event abroad could optimise your visibility by sharing special moments on medias and serves also to create international opportunities for your company.


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